Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 21st May 2017

Neonucleo Sdn Bhd (NEO) is committed to protect on how your information is used and shared with careful and sensible.

Privacy Policy Coverages

This NEO Privacy Policy describes on how we collect and use information that our customers provide in conjunction with the creation of NEO Account, in which we refer as "Account Information." For instance, Account Information includes names, addresses, usernames, phone numbers and email addresses associated with NEO Account.

The NEO Privacy Policy also defines the collection of information entered by our customers in NEO Console, in which we refer as "Data and Assets Information". The Data and Assets Information is inclusive by the following attributes.

Product's Information

  • Names
  • Description
  • Images
  • Price

Store's Information

  • Names
  • Description
  • Images
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Company Registration ID

The NEO Privacy Policy also describes the usage of camera in Mobile Apps offered by NEO. The Mobile Apps is NEO Point of Sales (NEO POS).

Account Information Usage

The information that we received from our customers with regards to the Account Information will not be shared, accessed and moved by us.

Our customers may receive email and get a call from us for advertising and marketing purposes.

Data and Assets Information Usage

The customers' Data and Assets Information is used in NEO Console, NEO Marketplace and NEO POS Apps.

NEO Marketplace and NEO POS application are using the information entered by our customers using the NEO Console. The information is populated into both application in order for our customers' users and customers to view and purchase the products.

In both NEO Marketplace and NEO POS application, customers' store information such as address, phone number, email address, Company Registration ID and Tax ID is shared to our customers' customers through Tax Invoice or Purchase Reciept after a purchase is made.


The NEO POS is using the camera of the device (Android and IOS) only to scan the QR Code of the product. The result of the scan is used to match the product's details and the catalog within the application. The QR Code is generated by NEO Console.